Cookbook - Relaxed Cooking by Curtis Stone

Cookbook - Relaxed Cooking by Curtis Stone

Australian chef Curtis Stone, host of US TV's hit Take Home Chef & regular judge on Channel 10's ratings-busting MasterChef, is best known for his laid-back approach to cooking. Though he's worked as head chef in several Michelin-starred London restaurants, some of his most memorable meals are the ones he's shared with friends at home. Now, Curtis shows you how to have as much fun in the kitchen as your guests are sure to have over a comfortable, unforgettable meal. In Relaxed Cooking With Curtis Stone, you'll find everything from 'First Thing in the Morning' bites & 'Brunches to Blow Their Minds to 'Weekend Lunches' & 'Something to Eat on the Sofa'. This down-to-earth approach results in wonderfully interesting & flavourful taste combinations that are perfect for parties or just hanging out with a close friend or loved ones.


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