At Velocity we want our members to be satisfied with their Rewards. Please read the below information prior to making a redemption to become familiar with our policies, Terms and Conditions and any rights under the Australian consumer law.

What is the Velocity Rewards Store?

The Velocity Rewards Store is a service available to Velocity Frequent Flyer members. You can use your Velocity Points for a wide selection of rewards. You can also pay for selected rewards with a combination of Points and your American Express, Mastercard, or Visa with Points + Pay. Rewards where Points + Pay is available will display a Points + Pay flag and is available on the Australia store only.

Is anyone eligible to use their Velocity Points at the Velocity Rewards Store?

Only members of the Velocity Frequent Flyer program are eligible to use their Velocity Points at the Velocity Rewards Store.

How do I use Points in the Velocity Rewards Store?

1. Log in to the Velocity Rewards Store using your Velocity Frequent Flyer membership number and password.

2. Select the reward you would like to use your Velocity Points on.

3. Add the reward to your Shopping Basket and complete the check-out process.

4. Payment in the form of either Points Only or Points + Pay (as applicable) will be deducted from your account at the time of redemption.

How do I earn Points to use in the Velocity Rewards Store?

Points in your Velocity account are available for redemption in the Velocity Rewards Store. However, you are not able to earn Points within the Velocity Rewards Store. If you wish to earn Points whilst shopping head to the Velocity e-Store.

How do I find my Points balance?

Simply log in to the Velocity Rewards Store to view the total Points balance you have available. You can also check your balance by logging into your Velocity account.

Can I return or cancel an item I redeemed in the Velocity Rewards Store if I don't like it?

We do not honour cancellations for change of mind. Please choose carefully when making your purchase.

What are my rights under the applicable consumer law for faulty goods?

The Australian consumer law or or New Zealand consumer law (as applicable) applies to faulty goods. Please contact the manufacturer for more information on the warranties on their products for faulty goods.

Where can I find a list of all brands included in the Velocity Rewards Store?

To view all brands available on the Velocity Rewards Store, please click here. Alternatively, you can select a specific category to see a full list of brands available. To sort by Points range, use the filter on the left-hand side of the page after you select one of the categories.

What if I have a question about the Velocity Reward Store or my redemption reward?

For any questions regarding your redemption please submit a support request webform or contact us directly by emailing us at CustomerServiceVelocity@collinsongroup.com.

For general questions regarding your Velocity Frequent Flyer account please contact the Velocity Frequent Flyer membership contact centre.



If the product I want is not shown in the Velocity Rewards Store, can I still redeem Points for it?

If a product is not on the Velocity Rewards Store website, it is not available for redemption. However please check back regularly as we are constantly updating our product range.

What can I do if an item I want has disappeared?

If a product is out of stock it will no longer be available for redemption on the Velocity Rewards Store and may disappear from your Wishlist or basket. Please keep checking in as we are always working to update our product range.

How long will specific items be made available for redemption?

Availability of our products is subject to change and may change at any time without notice. We are constantly working to update our selection with a range of the the latest items.

How Do I Know Which Merchant Supplied My Order?

Your merchant details can be located on your order confirmation email. Alternatively, if you have not yet placed an order you can check the merchant under the “Contact” tab on the specific product page. For any questions regarding your redemption please submit a support request webform or contact us directly by emailing us at CustomerServiceVelocity@collinsongroup.com.


How does the check-out process work?

Select "Check-out" after all the items you wish to redeem are placed in your basket. Your address stored in our database will be pre-filled. If your registered address in our database is a P.O. Box, please provide an alternative delivery address. We do not deliver items to P.O. Boxes and if this is not updated whilst in the check out stage your product will not be shipped.

It is recommended that you edit the delivery address if you require a change but please note that this will not be saved for future use. On the check-out page, review your order details and click “Place order” to complete your order if all of your details are correct. An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address from your Velocity membership account. You can also view the information on all completed redemptions from September 2018 under "My Orders" in the My Account page. Previous Rewards Store redemptions made prior to September 2018 will not show in your order history, these can be found by logging in to your Velocity membership account.

Can I call the Velocity Frequent Flyer membership contact centre to redeem an item?

No, Velocity Rewards Store redemptions can only be processed through the website at https://shop.velocityfrequentflyer.com/.



Shipping costs are included in the total purchase price displayed when you redeem a product on the Velocity Rewards Store.

We do not deliver merchandise or gift cards to a P.O. Box or parcel locker. For members with a P.O. Box registered to their Velocity membership account, please provide an alternative delivery address when checking out.

How long will standard delivery take?

If you have ordered a physical product or gift card it will be dispatched within 14 working days of redemption. Please ensure your delivery address and details are correct when placing an order. Please check the process associated with each partner on the Velocity Rewards Store website.

How do I cancel an item?

All orders are final once your order submission has been received by the Velocity Rewards Store during the redemption process. However, if you would like to request a cancellation please raise a support request and we will work with the merchant to cancel if the order has not yet been processed. 

Will all my items be shipped together?

Your items may be shipped separately if they are being dispatched by different merchants. Once items in your order have been shipped, you can view a link to track the status of your package(s) by visiting the “My Orders” page.

Can I get my item gift-wrapped?

We do not currently offer gift-wrapping however we are constantly looking at ways to improve our member experience.

What if I provided an incorrect shipping address?

Please make sure to review all shipping and delivery details prior to checking out as we are unable to make any modifications to the address after the check out process is completed, and the order is received by the merchant. Velocity Frequent Flyer will not be responsible for non-delivery of items due to invalid/incorrect addresses provided by members. In cases where another attempt to deliver the items is required, additional charges may be incurred.

What if my item has not arrived by the expected delivery date?

If the product has not arrived within 14 working days of placing your order, please contact us at CustomerServiceVelocity@collinsongroup.com or raise a support request here.


Please check the Terms and Conditions of your voucher. Each voucher available for redemption at the Velocity Rewards Store may have differing expiry validity. See product description for more information.

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